There is a large amount of work in setting up lengthy Rolls of Honour for both the Gloucestershire Men and Women.  Rather than delay ‘going live’ with this Website, this sort of information will be built up again over time.

  • The old Men’s Division Website now no longer exists [though it’s final version and content can be interrogated if necessary, the County Administrator holding both the Final Version and the software to open the file].
  • The old Women’s Division Website (still at ) can be reached, though parts of it still need update and 2023 lists, fixtures, results will be the most recent).  Again, the WD Secretary [the County Administrator] can provide anyone interested with whatever is the latest data (2023 normally) in relation to matches and competitions.
  • Rolls of Honour are still accessible to some degree – lists of Presidents, Life Members, National Winners, County Competition Winners, for example – and those interested could ask either of the two Divisional Secretaries for particular items.  However, many GBA members will retain copies of the last few years’ Men’s and Women’s Yearbooks, which will contain the most up-to-date listings.  The Women’s Website also has lists of competition winners 2007-2019, a list of Past Presidents, and a few other items :  at