MD Fixtures 2024

Fixture Rinks Venue Time Post Code
Saturday 4 MIDDLETON CUP TRIAL v OXFORDSHIRE 6W Cheltenham BC 2.00 GL50 2DX
Monday  6 U 25s 4 COUNTIES TOURNAMENT 3W Bristol City BC 2.00 BS3 2BS
Tuesday 7 GBA v C & C BRISTOL  (Punchard Cup)    6W Bradley Stoke BC 2.00 BS32 8BH
Sunday 12 MIDDLETON CUP TRIAL (Domestic) 4W Cheltenham BC 10.00 GL50 2DX
Sunday 25 GBA v SOMERSET    (White Rose Trophy) 2W Cheltenham BC 10.00 GL50 2DX
Sunday 19 3 COUNTIES SPRING FESTIVAL 4W Chester Road BC  2.00 DY10 1TE
Tuesday 21 GBA v WILTSHIRE  Closing date 12th May   6W Pineholt BC 2.00 GL3 3SN
Wednesday 22 GBA v WORCESTERSHIRE   Closing date 12th May 6W Barbourne BC 2.00 WR3 7AR
Wednesday 29 GLOS v WARWICKSHIRE (Mixed)   Closing date 19th May                     6W Caer Glow 1.30 GL2 0RA
Sunday 2 GBA v CORNWALL (Balcomb Trophy) 2W Ilminster BC 12.30 TA19 0BN
Tuesday 4 GBA v HEREFORD (Hooker Cup)  Closing date 26th May 6W St Martins BC 2.00 HR2 7JE
Saturday 8 GBA v WILTSHIRE    MC 6W Cheltenham BC 2.00 GL50 2DX
Monday 10 GBA v MID GLAMORGAN Closing date 2nd June 6W Gloucester City BC 1.30 GL1 1UZ
Wednesday 12 GBA v SUSSEX    (Sussex to Host)   Closing date 2nd June                         6W Three Mile Cross BC 2.00 RG7 1AT
Saturday 15 GBA v DORSET    MC 6W Cheltenham BC 2.00 GL50 2DX
Thursday 20 GBA v ESSEX   (Essex to Host)                            (Coach)   Closing date 9th June                        6W Maidenhead BC 2.00 SL6 6HL
Saturday 22 GBA v HEREFORDSHIRE    MC 6W Ross-on Wye  BC 2.00 HA9 5AR
Sunday 23 GBA PRESIDENT'S CLUB v  3 COUNTIES  Closing date 9th June 2W Yate BC 2.00 BS37 4BX 
Sunday 30 GBA v CHELTENHAM SPA  (Centenary) Closing date 16th June 6W Cheltenham Spa 2.00 GL50 3HQ
Sunday 30 HEREFORD PRESIDENT'S CLUB v 3 COUNTIES Closing date 16th June 2W Brimfield & Little Hereford BC 3.00 SY8 4BG
Monday 1 GBA v BOWLS  DEVON                                         (Coach) Closing date 23rd June 6W Culm Vale BC               1.30 EX15 1EA
Saturday 6 GBA v DEVON     MC 6W Topsham BC 2.00 EX3 0HF
Wednesday 17 GBA v BERKSHIRE  Closing date 7th July                                                  6W Henleaze BC 2.00 BS9 4DR
Monday 22 GBA v SOMERSET   (Small Cup) Closing date 14th July 6W Clevedon Promenarde BC 2.00 BS21 7RH
Tuesday 23 GBA PRESIDENT v YATE BC    (Invitation)  6W Yate BC 2.00 BS37 4BX 
Wednesday 7 GBA v WEST GLAMORGAN                                 (Coach) Closing date 28th July 6W Port Talbut Ynys BC 2.00 SA13 2EB
Sunday 11 GBA v DURSLEY BC  (75th Anniversary) Closing date 28th July 5W Dursley BC 2.00 GL11 5HA
Monday 12 GBA v ENGLISH CIVIL SERVICE BA Closing date 4th August 6W Caer Glow 2.00 GL2 0RA
Tuesday 13 GBA  v WARWICKSHIRE  Closing date 4th August  6W Stratford-on-Avon 2.00 CV37 7AG
Wednesday 21 GBA v BOWLS DORSET  Closing date 11th August                                        6W Olveston BC 2.00 BS32 4PH
Thursday 22 GBA v MONMOUTHSHIRE  Closing date 11th August   6W Falcon BC 2.00 GL6 6UN
Sunday  25 GBA v BRISTOL ST ANDREWS BC (Cetenary) Closing date 11th August 6W Bristol St Andrews BC 2.00 BS7 9AQ
Wednesday 28 GBA v OXFORDSHIRE  Closing date 18th August 6W Tetbury BC   2.00 GL8 8DS
Sunday 1 3 COUNTIES AUTUMN FESTIVAL 4W Brimfield & Little Hereford BC 3.00 SY8 4BG
Thursday 5 GBA v HEREFORD (Mixed) Closing date 25th August 6W Woebley BC 1.30 HR4 8QL
Tuesday 10 GBA v SOMERSET (Mixed) Closing date 25th August 6W Chew Stoke BC 2.00 BS40 8XN