1. The name of the fund shall be the “Gloucestershire Bowls Association Benevolent Fund”.
  2. The object of the fund shall be to assist any bowler, ex-bowler, immediate dependent of same, who may in the opinion of the Committee of Management, be in need of assistance. Such bowlers must be, or have been members of a Club affiliated to the Association.
  3. At each Yearly Meeting of the G.B.A. a Committee of Management shall be elected, consisting of a Secretary/Treasurer and four Trustees (one to represent each of the four County Sections). This Committee, of whom three present shall form a quorum, will transact all business relating to the fund. The Secretary/Treasurer or a Trustee shall report on all activities of the fund at each meeting of the GBA General Purposes Committee and at the Yearly Meeting. In the event of the Secretary/Treasurer being unable to fulfil his year of office, a temporary Secretary/Treasurer from the four
    Trustees shall be elected to replace him.
  4. Funds may be raised by clubs or by donations from individuals and shall be invested in the name of the Gloucestershire Bowls Association Benevolent Fund with the Secretary/Treasurer and one of the other Trustees as signatories. A maximum of £2,000 to be held in a current account, the remaining funds to be invested in an approved, interest bearing account.
  5. Two Account Examiners shall be elected at the GBA Yearly Meeting and the Accounts shall be checked and a Balance Sheet sent to all Clubs belonging to the Association, together with the notice calling the Yearly Meeting.
  6. Applications for assistance must be made in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer by the Secretary of the interested club or by a sponsoring club member in order to ensure confidentiality. The application should be supported by the fullest information possible as to the circumstances of the applicant for the guidance of the Committee, who will then make such grants according to the needs of each case. The decision of the Committee to be final.
  7. No alteration to this Constitution and Rules shall be made except at a GBA Yearly Meeting and notice thereof has been received by the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the said meeting.
  8. All contributions to the fund to be in to the Secretary/Treasurer by 1st October of each year.
    For further information, please contact the Benevolent Fund Secretary
    Derek Savers –