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  1. Schedule D  –  Functions and Responsibilities of GBA Committees
  2. Schedule E  – Protocols for GBA county matches
  3. Schedule F  –  Greens Committee Protocols
  4. Schedule G  –  Complaints, disputes and appeals in competitions
  5. Protocol regarding bereavements of members or former members of the GBA

All of the above documents are still technically current in 2024, though – as previously noted – processes are evolving during the 2024 year, so certain procedural details might be slightly different.  In Autumn 2024, prior to the 2025 Annual General Meeting, all of these documents will be updated or replaced. 

Clearly, Schedules D, E and G will need to be substantially modified, as the GBA ‘Divisions’ cease to exist in 2025.  Schedule F is now ‘out of date’ in some respects and greens procedures are currently under radical consideration by the GBA Joint Executive Committee.