A task which is much greater than that of setting up Rolls of Honour and the like, is retaining photographs of County teams and County Competition winners, plus photographic records of President’s Days and anything else largely photographic.  This will take a long time to update.

In large measure, Men’s photographs are no longer accessible centrally.  However, the Gloucestershire Web Portal (at http://gloucestershirebowls.org.uk/index.html ) is still online [March 2024].  On both the Home page and on the News page are results and many photographs of the successful 2022 season in particular – the GBA Men’s Middleton, Balcombe and White Rose exploits and Cheltenham BC’s Top Club Victory.  It will be important that these key records are quickly passed to this new Website, as its development continues.

Women’s photographs are less readily available, but the current Women’s Secretary/County Administrator has a considerable photographic archive which will partially be uploaded to this new Website in due course.  In the meantime, anyone looking for particular photographs can also contact her.  2022 photos of various types are still on the live Women’s Website, on sundry pages.