2024 GBA men’s Pairs Championship

GentlemenCongratulations on qualifying for the GBA Pairs Championship quarter-finals which are due to be played at 18:15 on Wednesday 3rd July at Barnwood BC, with the semi-finals at 18:15 on Friday 5th July at Olveston & District BC. The games are to be played

2024 Junior Pairs and Senior Fours Championships

The GBA Junior Pairs Championship semi-finals and the Senior Fours Final are due to be played at 10:00 on Sunday 30th June at Fairford, with the Junior Pairs Final following at approximately 13:00.  Those participating in the Junior Pairs must not have reached their 25th birthday before 1st April of this year.Those participating

GBA Triples and Senior Fours

Triples Quarter-finals Kingswood 20 Tetbury 14Barnwood (Phillips) 20 Frampton 15Fairford 20 Barnwood (Mills) 19Redland 19 Cheltenham 1 Triples Semi-finals  Kingswood 18 Fairford 17 (extra end)Redland Green 21 Barnwood 14 Senior Fours Semi-finals Humphries, Tudor, Tregoning, Gauld (Olveston) 21 Townsion, Horrill,