Associated with ‘Gloucestershire Bowls Online’ [GBO], the whole Affiliation process now changes utterly.  Instead of ‘Affiliation’ data being collected club by club on 1st May, through spreadsheets and forms, and updated again for 30th September each year, club Affiliation data will in future be updated on a rolling basis by Club Secretaries, with the actual membership numbers for 1st May and 30th September being abstracted directly from the GBO by the County.  Actual data details, including individual contact details, will only be stored within the GBO and Bowls England has no access whatsoever to this.  There is emphatically NO national membership database!

As the system is changing all the while in this transitional year, members and Club Secretaries will be updated on what they need to do, on a regular basis in the period leading up to around the start of April 2024, regarding system registration, plus instructions on processes in which they must or can become involved – relating to Affiliation, County Matches and County Competitions.